10 Most Popular Gift Cards for 2021


If you are looking to purchase someone a gift card, you will want to make sure that it is for a brand that they actually like. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best and most popular gift cards for 2021.

1. iTunes Gift Card

iTunes is a good option because it means that the recipient can download an album or listen to some music that appeals to their taste.

2. Amazon Gift Cards

You can buy everything on Amazon, from clothes and ornaments to food and books, and so the recipient will have no problem purchasing something via here!

3. Steam Gift Cards

If you are looking for a gift card for a gamer, it makes the most sense to go for a Steam gift card. For those who are unaware, Steam is an online gaming platform, and it is an exceptionally popular one at that!

4. Google Play Gift Cards

For people out there that have an Android phone, a Google Play gift card makes a lot of sense. This will enable the recipient to purchase a number of apps or add credits to any of the games that they are playing.

5. Sephora Gift Cards

If you are looking for the perfect gift card for a woman who loves all things beauty, she will not be disappointed with a Sephora gift card. Sephora is the ultimate brand for all things beauty, with a wide range of skincare and makeup products for sale. Sephora is a brand that is adored all around the world.

6. IKEA Gift Cards

The number one furniture store for a lot of people! IKEA gift cards make a lot of sense if you are looking for something to purchase for a couple, as they will be able to purchase something lovely for their home.

7. Netflix Gift Cards

Who doesn’t love Netflix? With shows like Narcos, The Crown, and Bridgerton, Netflix has become a must-have. This streaming platform has only become more popular during the pandemic. By purchasing a Netflix gift card, the user will be able to essentially get free access to Netflix for a period of time.

8. Primark Gift Cards

Another option to consider is a Primark gift card. Primark has become exceptionally popular with those who love a bargain. People can pick up clothing, home items, beauty products, and more. The great thing about a Primark gift card is that the user will be able to make the voucher go far, buying numerous products with their gift credit.

9. H&M Gift Cards

If you want to give someone the gift of a great clothes shopping spree, an H&M gift card makes a lot of sense. H&M are known for their affordable and super sleek fashion, with a huge assortment of clothing to select from.

10. Just Eat Gift Cards

Finally, maybe you want to give someone the gift of a delicious takeaway. If so, what better than Just Eat? They have a whole host of restaurants and takeaway outlets across the world.


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