How to Trade

sell gift cards in nigeria

How to Sell Gift Cards with GCBUYING:

  • Create your account
  • Login to your user account and review your dashboard. You will have three options to choose from: “Sell Gift Card”, “Withdraw”, and “Update Bank Info”.
  • Click on “Update Bank Info” and indicate where the payment will be sent directly to.
  • If you would like to sell a gift card, simply click on “Sell Gift Card” and fill out the form as required. Click on “Submit” and wait for processing.
  • Once the trade has successfully processed, your GCBUYING account will be instantly credited with the naira equivalent. You can review your account balance from the user dashboard.
  • Click on “Withdraw Now” to withdraw the funds from your GCBUYING account. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw, click on “Submit,” and await approval.
  • As soon as your withdrawal request is processed, you will immediately receive the payment directly to your bank account.