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Everyone has been there when your birthday has passed by, with a stack of gift cards just laying around. You’ve most likely pondered how you will use them or even spend them unnecessarily on items that you just don’t need or want.

The great news is this is no longer the only solution. You now have the option to sell these unwanted gift cards in Nigeria, either through their website ( or on the GC Buying app.

Who Are GC Buying?

GC Buying is a company that combined the skills of its team and used modern technology to create a portal for trading and selling gift cards. They provide the option of trading or selling your gift card for cash.

With modern technology, GC Buying has created a website and a supporting mobile app to build an efficient way to allow you to sell your unwanted gift card. With thorough market research, they have created this trading app to make everyone’s life easier.

How To Trade Your Unwanted Gift Cards

The process of using GC Buying is so simple. By downloading the mobile app you have the features of their website in one straightforward and easy to use location. The first step once the app has been downloaded is to go ahead and create or log into your account, and from there you will have complete access to your dashboard where you can choose to sell a gift card, withdraw, or update your bank information.

The process of selling an unwanted gift card is so easy. Once you are logged on you select the ‘sell gift card’ and fill in the required information. Once complete you submit this and the process starts. Upon completion and the card is processed, you are credited with the agreed funds to your GC Buying account, which can be withdrawn to your designated bank by clicking on the ‘withdraw now’ option. Once the request to withdrawn is set, as soon as approved the funds are credited to your designated bank immediately.

Why Use GC Buying

Everyone has had an occasion or two when you are handed a gift card and wish you had received the monetary equivalent instead. Instead of placing the gift card in your wallet and letting it collect dust GC Buying allows you to sell this gift card and get the cashback to be used as where and how you want.

So instead of spending the gift card for the sake of it, download the GC Buying app, and with their easy sign up you will be able to sell those gift cards and start accessing the cash funds as soon as approved.

With a 24-hour service offered you will be able to access quick support should the need arrive and with their ability to accept any gift card you will never need to spend the cards unnecessarily anymore. With the ease of the mobile app, there is no excuse to trade them in and start your journey to have the cash you prefer.


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