Everything You Need to Know About Selling Gift Cards Online

Everything You Need to Know About Selling Gift Cards Online

If you’ve received one too many unwanted gift cards that you’ll probably never use, don’t worry, there is another solution. You could trade them in for cash online. Selling your gift cards online couldn’t be simpler and you can get credited instantly. If you’re holding on to vouchers for Amazon, iTunes, Sephora, Google Play, and other big brands you can find a marketplace online. There are several google quality sites that will facilitate this for you and buy your gift card in exchange for cash. Here’s everything you need to know about selling gift cards online.

What are the benefits of selling gift cards online?

Release the cash value rather than leaving your money trapped on a gift card. You might have been given a gift card for a store you don’t normally use. Perhaps it was a present from one of your unknowing yet generous family members, friends, or employer. Rather than trying to come up with ways to waste the gift card on a product you don’t necessarily want or need, get the money instead. If you have a gift card for a brick and mortar store, there might not even be one near you. It’s better to sell it online so you can choose where you spend your money.

Gift cards usually have an expiry date as well, so if you don’t hurry up and use them you could end up losing out. If you look for a secure place online, you can receive credit for your card instantly, to spend whenever you like. Many websites will offer to buy your gift card and sell it to another shopper for a discounted rate. This means you’ll be helping another person save money too. Your gift card could be much more useful to someone else, and you’ll get the cash value to spend yourself.

Which is the best site for selling gift cards online?

If you’re in need of a secure site to sell your gift cards in Nigeria, you can use GC Buying. You can trade in your gift cards and get credited in Naira instantly. The platform is easy to use and you can even open an account or trade via Whatsapp. It’s a quick and easy process. Payment takes approximately three to five minutes to process and customer support is available 24/7.

GC Buying accepts all gift cards. The friendly team also offers full transparency on their services and price. You will be guaranteed to get excellent rates and a personalized service catered to your needs. The site is also incredibly secure and the safest place for selling gift cards online. GC Buying also offers the option to buy gift cards, so maybe you can trade in your old ones for something you’ll actually use.

How to exchange your gift card online

Selling your gift card online is very straight forward. It can be taken care of in a few easy steps. First, you need to set up a user account. Once this is verified you can log in and view your dashboard. This will display all the options available to you. These include updating your details, withdrawing funds, and of course, trading in your gift cards. Update your bank information with the details of the account where you want to receive your payment. Select “sell gift cards” and fill out and submit the form.

Your gift cards will be securely processed and you will receive the equivalent value in Naira on your account. You can then simply select “withdraw now” and the payment will be automatically transferred to the bank account you set up. The entire process won’t take longer than a couple of minutes, so you’ll be able to use the money from your gift card almost instantly.

Top tips for selling gift cards online

● Choose your preferred method of selling

Choose whether you’d prefer to sell your gift cards directly to a company or in a marketplace. You’ll need to take extra care with security when contacting buyers through a marketplace.

● Fraud alert

Don’t give out the number of your gift card and use a reputable site.

● Find the best rates

Make sure you get the best rates for your gift cards.

Selling gift cards online is a secure and simple way to turn them into cash. Spend the money you receive from an unwanted gift card how and when you like. If you’re looking for an easier option for selling gift cards online or in Nigeria, GC Buying have got you covered.


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