GCBUYING vs CoinCola

Trading in unused or unwanted gift cards is a great feeling. Having gift cards lying around for months with no use is quite frustrating, especially as they hold monetary value.

However, thanks to companies taking on the role of exchanging gift cards for the usable currency you do not have to hold onto these unused gift cards. Instead, you can change them for cash or other alternative payments.

Depending on whether you want cash payment or other means of currency, you will want to know about GCBUYING vs CoinCola.

This post will share everything that you need to know about both companies and which is best suited for the majority.


GCBUYING is a gift card exchange business that allows customers to trade in any gift card in exchange for instant cash. You can use this cash in whatever way you wish to, unlike other companies that only allow you to use the monetary value for other currencies or paying bills.


CoinCola is a currency marketplace whereby you can trade and sell Bitcoin. You can even trade-in your old gift cards for Bitcoin currency. However, this Bitcoin currency cannot be exchanged for cash. Instead, you can trade with it and grow your profits and portfolio.

Why You Should Choose GCBUYING

Although CoinCola is a great way to trade in your old gift cards for something more useful, not everyone wants Bitcoin. Therefore, GCBUYING is a more preferable option for the majority of people.

Moreover, here are the top reasons as to why you should use GCBUYING and why it’s better than CoinCola.

  • ● Real cash. Using GCBUYING you can attain real cash instead of cryptocurrency. Therefore, you can exchange the gift cards for money that you can use in the real world in any way you wish to.
  • ● Instant payment. GCBUYING offers instant cash payment, whereas you might be waiting for good cryptocurrency rates for deciding to exchange.
  • ● Competitive rates all of the time. GCBUYING rates will not fluctuate unlike cryptocurrency exchanges, which CoinCola uses. Therefore, the rates at GCBUYING will remain competitive and offer you the best return of money for your gift cards.
  • ● Good service 24/7. You won’t need to worry about waiting a few days for a response to your questions from GCBUYING as they offer 24/7 live service, which can be used through their mobile app or their website.
  • ● Usable on phones and computers. GCBUYING offers an app as well as a website, so you can access the service wherever you are. However, CoinCola is a website-only service.
  • ● Impressed customers. You can always rely on a company that has great customer reviews from satisfied customers, which GCBUYING does. They have over 50,000 satisfied customers who report that using GCBUYING is easy and you attain the best rates for your gift cards.
  • ● Exchange any gift card for cash. You can exchange any gift card for cash with GCBUYING. Whereas, CoinCola can only accept certain types and you can only attain Bitcoin from the exchange, which makes the exchange limited.


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