GCBUYING vs Glover App

Buying and selling gift cards has never been easier thanks to online gift card exchange services. Are you someone that has a stack of gift cards lying around that have no use? If so, using a gift card exchange service you can turn your gift cards into cash.

Today, we will be discussing the GCBUYING vs Glover app. Both offer the same service, yet one is much more beneficial than the other. Here’s more.

What Is GCBUYING useful for?

GCBUYING is a business solely focused on gift card exchange. Using their app or website, you can sell your gift cards for an instant cash exchange.

They offer competitive rates, which makes them more preferable for those looking for a higher return in cash. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want a high return of profit?

What Is Glover App?

Glover app also offers a service to buy and sell gift cards. However, they also offer other services such as buying airtime and paying bills. Therefore, they are less focused on the process of gift card exchange.

Unlike GCBUYING, the Glover app is solely app-focused, which means you can only use them using a mobile device that has access to an application store, such as iOS phones and Androids. Therefore, you won’t be able to use their services using a computer.

The Benefits Of Using GCBUYING Over The Glover App

Although the Glover app is useful for buying and selling gift cards, the company does not solely focus on this service. Seeing as GCBUYING do, they can offer more expertise, better service, and higher rates. More benefits of using GCBUYING over the Glover app to follow:

● Amazing service. GCBUYING offers 24/7 live service so that their customers can ask questions and talk with the experts at all times of the day. Whether you have a query or a concern, you can chat with an agent using the app or the website. Whereas, the Glover app offers an email or phone to call, which isn’t monitored at every hour of the day.

● Competitive rates. Although rates for gift card exchange vary, GCBUYING offers some of the best rates in the market. Therefore, you will attain more cash for your gift cards.

● Great customer reviews. GCBUYING has over 50,000 satisfied customers. Of which, their customers say that they have had the best experience trading a gift card using their service.

● You can sell any gift card. Using GCBUYING, you can sell any gift card that you have. Therefore, you can always ensure to attain a cash return for your gift cards. Instead of leaving them lying around because they are from a unique brand, you can sell them for cash.

● Immediate payment. With GCBUYING, you can enjoy immediate payment for your gift card exchange. There is no waiting around. You can be paid straight away and use your cash instead of having an unusable gift card.

There are many reasons to choose the GCBUYING gift card exchange service over the Glover app, from being able to use GCBUYING on any device and enjoying great service.


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