GCBUYING vs Patricia

Finding a solution to sell gift cards for cash is easy now thanks to online gift card exchanges services. The likes of GCBUYING and Patricia are leading companies in the African-centric alternative payment method industry.

However, GCBUYING can offer more benefits over Patricia for its customers. More on what they can do and which is best to follow.

GCBUYING vs Patricia

Although both companies offer gift card exchange services, they can be quite different and offer different services.


GCBUYING is a business that solely focuses on gift card exchange. Therefore, they offer more expertise over companies that offer various services. The team at GCBUYING is there to help you exchange any kind of gift card for cash in return for instant payment. Likewise, they offer 24/7 live agents so that you can ask questions about the service and get help.


Patricia is an alternative payment service, whereby they offer gift card exchanges as well as Bitcoin exchange. The mix of services could mean that the team offers less expert advice and may entice you to try both services. Whereas, some customers simply want help with exchanging gift cards.

Patricia allows you to store the cash to use for paying bills or data. Whereas, GCBUYING enables you to receive cash to use for any purpose.

Why Choose GCBUYING?

There are many reasons why GCBUYING might be a preferable service for you:

● Multi-device availability. GCBUYING is available to use on mobile devices by downloading the app through the devices application store. Furthermore, you can also use the service on their website. Whereas, Patricia is a website-only company. So, you cannot use the service on the go like you can with GCBUYING.

● Instant payments in cash. Patricia offers cash payments that can be used to pay bills and more. Whereas, GCBUYING offers cash payments that you can use as you like. These payments are instant and should your payment be delayed, you can chat with their live agents.

● 24/7 service. Speaking of live agents, GCBUYING offers great service for its customers. You can chat with live experts at any time of the day as they offer 24/7 service. Therefore, it won’t matter what time of day it is that you want to ask a question.

● Impressive reviews. GCBUYING has received impressive reviews from its 50,000 + customer base. Many say it’s the best service they have ever used to exchange gift cards and others say it was the best rate that they could find.

● Good rates. On the topic of rates, GCBUYING offers competitive rates. You can attain great cash payment for any gift card you wish to sell.

GCBUYING can provide a service solely based on gift card exchange, therefore, you can rely on them to offer the best rates and service possible for their customers. You can chat with the agents online through their website or on their mobile application. GCBUYING offers a safe and convenient way of selling unused and unwanted gift cards for cash.


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