How Much Is A Nordstrom Gift Card?

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Gift cards can be a handy thing to have from time to time, and they are certainly a useful gift to give and receive for certain occasions. But it is also perfectly possible to find that you have had enough of your gift cards, or sometimes you just find yourself with a surplus of them that you feel you will never quite use. Whatever the reason, if you need to get rid of a gift card then one of the best ways is simply to sell it on. A lot of people don’t realize that this is even an option, but it is - and it is actually easier than ever to do so.

If you have any Nordstrom gift cards lying around that you would like to sell, then read on. Here we will look at how much you are likely able to get for selling one of them, as well as how you can actually do so. This could be a wise financial move to make, so it’s something that is really worth considering.

Nordstrom Gift Card Values

As you might expect, how much you can sell a Nordstrom gift card for will very much depend on its value and how much is on it. You can get a few different value gift cards from Nordstrom, so you will first need to check which one you have before you can get to the bottom of this.

Nordstrom 50-99

First of all, let’s take a look at the Nordstrom 50-99 cards. If you have one of these, then the rates are going to be a little lower than some of the other possibilities. To take an example, if you were to have $10 on one of these cards, and you sold it to GC Buying, you would get 1850 in their N points. For $100, it would come out to 18500.

Nordstrom 100-1000

Going up a little, and looking now at the Nordstrom gift cards ranging from 100-1000, we can see that the value is likely to be much higher indeed. For one of these, a $10 gift card sold to GC Buying would net you 3750 N. So, you can see that it does make a considerable difference which kind of gift card you actually have to begin with.

Nordstrom 25-49

For this less common kind of gift card from Nordstrom, you are going to net 1850 N for $10, and 18500 for $100. As you can see, it will make a huge difference, so you need to make sure you are aware of which gift card you have, as well as what the value on it is, before trying to sell.

No matter which you might have, if you want to sell a Nordstrom gift card, the best place to do so is through GC Buying. You can check out their calculator to see exactly how much you might earn for your gift cards, and the process of selling is quick, easy and simple. Take a look today.


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