How Much Is An Amazon Gift Card?

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A lot of people have Amazon gift cards in their possession, sometimes for a very long time before actually doing anything with them. If that is the position that you are in, you might be wondering what you can do about it. One of the options is simply to use them, of course. But if you would prefer, you can also choose to sell them on, and this is something that might be easier and simpler than you may have assumed.

To find out more about selling your Amazon gift cards, take a look at the following. You might be surprised at how much you are able to get for your Amazon gift cards, so it’s good to look through this to gain an understanding of it before thinking about selling. You can also check the calculator on GC Buying for more information on all this, where you can also sell your gift cards easily and swiftly.

Amazon Gift Cards Rates

There are many kinds of Amazon gift cards, and they each produce a different rate in naira, which is the currency that GC Buying will transfer the money into before you are able to withdraw it into your bank account. Because of this, we’ll take a look at a few of the most popular Amazon gift cards by way of example.

Amazon USA

For the normal USA-based Amazon gift card ranging from $50-$100, with no receipt attached, you can expect the following kinds of rates. If you were to have the lowest amount of $50 there, you would get 15500 N, whereas the full $100 would net you 31000 N. As you can see, it always matters hugely most of all how much money is actually on the card.

Amazon UK

One of the next popular types of Amazon gift cards is the UK version, and here you can see a similar story. Here, however, while the lowest value on the card is £50, the highest is £1000, so you might have more on there to begin with that you can sell. For £50, you would get 18000 N, and for the full £1000 it would be a huge 360,000. However, with this gift card, you will need a cash receipt with it to sell.

Amazon Canada

Let’s look now at Amazon Canada, another popular example of the Amazon gift card. How much can you expect in N for one of these? These need a cash receipt, but as long as you have that, $50 would net you 10500 in N, while $1000 would get you 210,000. Clearly, these are valuable too, and if you have any Amazon Canada gift cards at home that you would like to sell, this could be a very effective way to get some more cash in your life.

To find out more, or to get started with selling gift cards, take a look at GC Buying and their website today. You will soon be able to sell whatever gift cards you might have.


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