How Much Is An iTunes Gift Card?

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Gift cards can be an excellent idea for people who like to shop in certain places, but your needs might change over time, leaving you with gift cards you haven't or don't want to use. This is only natural. However, unused gift cards can be a waste of money if not spent.

This is true in the case of iTunes gift cards. Many people don't realize that you can sell iTunes gift cards quickly for having to spend on something else. You don't have to leave them neglected somewhere. Whatever your reason for not using your iTunes gift cards, find out what you can get if you sell your unwanted iTunes gift cards.

What Can You Get When You Sell iTunes Gift Cards?

Of course, before you sell your iTunes gift cards, you want to know how much you will get back. The value of your iTunes gift card depends on the amount on the card or code you have. Typically gift cards hold more value than iTunes codes regarding trade-in prices. You can trade in gift cards at GC Buying upwards of $10 to $299. The value is then converted into N Points in your account once approved, ready for you to withdraw at your convenience.

iTunes $10-$24

One of the more common iTunes gift cards you can get both digitally and as a physical card is the $10 denomination. For this amount as a gift card, you can expect to receive 2000 N Points (N). Similar to the top end of this range, at $24, you can expect 4800N which can then be changed to the currency of your choice.

iTunes $25-$69

Again your iTunes gift card for $25 will be slightly higher, following the same pay scale as the lower denominations. $25 will get you 5000N, while $69 is worth 13800N.

iTunes $70 - $99

As the values increase, the unwanted iTunes gift cards can earn you more money back if you aren't using them. Selling your $70 iTunes gift card to GC Buying will net you 14000N, while $99 is a hefty 19800N, all available immediately once your account has been authorized, and your trade-in approved.

iTunes $100+

As you climb in value, you can expect to receive a higher value of N POints in exchange for selling your gift cards. You can sell iTunes gift cards up to a value of $299, netting you 74750N to withdraw once the transaction has been approved.

iTunes USA Code

As you are aware, you can also get a code emailed to you for your iTunes gift card instead of having a physical card. You can still sell your iTunes gift cards to GC Buying, even in the form of a digital code. Your $49 digital code will get you 7350N, slightly lower than the physical gift card variant.

Sell Via WhatsApp

Opening an account to sell your unwanted iTunes gift cards is simple. You can register for an account online or via WhatsApp with GC Buying to get started. Once approved, you can begin trading and selling your gift cards. Monies are available once the transaction is approved. Send us a message on WhatsApp at — +234 704 816 1101


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