How To Sell Bitcoin and USDT In Nigeria Using the GC Buying App 2023?

How To Sell Bitcoin and USDT In Nigeria Using the GC Buying App 2023?

The world of cryptocurrency has gained immense popularity in recent years, and Nigeria is no exception. As more people in Nigeria become interested in Bitcoin and USDT (Tether), the need for secure and convenient platforms to buy and sell these digital assets has grown. In 2023, the GC Buying App offers an easy and user-friendly solution for selling Bitcoin and USDT in Nigeria. This guide will walk you through the process step by step, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience.

1. Send Bitcoin or USDT to Your GC Buying Bitcoin Wallet Address

The first step in selling Bitcoin or USDT using the GC Buying App is to send your digital assets to your GC Buying Bitcoin wallet address. To do this:

  • Open the GC Buying App on your mobile device.
  • Log in to your account or create one if you haven't already.
  • Navigate to the wallet section of the app.
  • Select the option to deposit Bitcoin or USDT.
  • You will be provided with a unique wallet address. Copy this address.

Now, go to your existing cryptocurrency wallet or exchange platform where your Bitcoin or USDT is stored. Initiate a transfer or withdrawal and paste the GC Buying wallet address as the recipient. To avoid any mistakes, double-check the address.

Sell Bitcoin and USDT In Nigeria

2. Allow for 3 Confirmations on the Network

Once you've initiated the transfer, you'll need to wait for network confirmations. In the world of cryptocurrency, confirmations are essential to ensure the validity and security of transactions. The GC Buying App requires three confirmations before your Bitcoin or USDT becomes available in your wallet.

Confirmations are essentially blocks being added to the blockchain, validating your transaction. Depending on network traffic and the cryptocurrency you're transferring, this process can take some time. Be patient and monitor the transaction's progress within the GC Buying App.

Sell Bitcoin In Nigeria

3. It Becomes Available in Your Wallet

After your Bitcoin or USDT has received three confirmations on the network, it will become available in your GC Buying Bitcoin wallet. You can check your wallet balance within the app to confirm that the funds have been successfully credited.

4. Then Click Sell and Enter the Amount to Sell; It Shows the Value You Receive for Your Bitcoin/USDT

With your Bitcoin or USDT safely in your GC Buying wallet, it's time to initiate the selling process:

  • Open the GC Buying App.
  • Navigate to the "Sell" section.
  • Select whether you want to sell Bitcoin or USDT, depending on your holdings.
  • Enter the amount of Bitcoin or USDT you want to sell.
  • The app will automatically calculate and display the value you will receive in Nigerian Naira (NGN) for your Bitcoin or USDT based on the current exchange rate.

This step ensures that you have full transparency regarding the amount you'll receive in exchange for your cryptocurrency.

Sell Bitcoin In Nigeria

5. Hit the Sell Button

Once you are satisfied with the displayed value, hit the "Sell" button to proceed with the transaction. The GC Buying App will prompt you to confirm your decision.

6. Your Naira Wallet Is Credited

After confirming the sale, the app will initiate the transaction. It can take some time to process. Once completed, the equivalent amount in Nigerian Naira will be credited to your GC Buying Naira wallet. You can check your wallet balance to verify the successful transaction.

7. Proceed to Request a Withdrawal

With your Naira wallet now credited, you have the option to request a withdrawal. This step allows you to transfer your funds to your bank account or another preferred withdrawal method. To proceed:

  • Navigate to the withdrawal section within the GC Buying App.
  • Select your withdrawal method, typically bank transfer.
  • Enter the amount you wish to withdraw, ensuring it doesn't exceed your wallet balance.
  • Provide the necessary details for the withdrawal method you've chosen. For a bank transfer, you'll need to input your bank account information.
  • Confirm the withdrawal request.

sell USDT in Nigeria

8. Your Withdrawal Is Successfully Processed

Once you've confirmed the withdrawal request, the GC Buying App will begin processing it. The processing time can vary depending on the method you've selected and any additional verification steps that may be required. You will receive notifications and updates on the status of your withdrawal throughout the process.

Upon successful processing, the requested amount will be transferred to your bank account, completing the sale of your Bitcoin or USDT.

How To Sell Bitcoin and USDT In Nigeria Using the GC Buying App 2023?

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