How To Send Gift Card Via Email?

How To Send Gift Card Via Email?

If there is a special occasion coming up or you simply want to treat the one you love then there is no better way than a gift card. A gift card is something you can get for someone when you aren’t sure what to buy from the store. They can take the stress out of finding something, all you have to do is top up a gift card and then send it to the recipient.

Who For?

The first thing you need to think about is who you are buying the gift card for, this will change a lot of the decisions that come afterward. If you are buying for a young person then you don’t want to insult them by getting the gift card from an older person's store.

Choose A Store

Now you need to choose where you are going to get the gift card. Usually, you will have to go to that store, buy the gift card and then take it away with you. Alternatively, another popular option these days is buying them online from special sites. Find the one you want and add it to your basket ready for checkout.

Send It Via Email

Once you have reached the checkout stage of purchasing your gift card, it is time to enter the recipient's details. You will have two options here, the first is sending it to yourself and then you handing it to the recipient. The other option is getting it sent straight to them via email. This is a popular choice if you are gifting someone who lives far away.