How to Use Saks Fifth Avenue Gift Card Online in Nigeria?

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If you have a Saks Fifth Avenue gift card but you live in Nigeria, you may be hard-pressed to find some way of using it. On their website, they state that gift cards are not able to be used in the international market. Only the US market is where the gift cards are processed and awarded. In other words, there’s pretty much no way for someone outside of America to use a Saks Fifth Avenue gift card. However, there are some other ways you can make good use of such a gift card, if you look in the right places. For example, you can sell your gift card online!

Where to sell?

The leading gift card sales websites are all hounding customers for them to sell their gift cards to them. However, not all of them understand how valuable they are and some of them only give you a retail price. On the other hand, you have a website such as that can give you a competitive price because it values the gift cards pertaining to the consumer market for that specific brand. Other companies will offer you a general price, while not taking into account the brand of the gift card and how popular it might be. So only sell your Saks Fifth Avenue gift card where you can attain true value for it.

How to sell?

You firstly need to sign up for the website. This way they can let you know about your profile and your gift cards specifically. They can also use the details you provide to give you payment. That’s right, unlike other gift card companies that will essentially swap your gift cards, you will get cash money for your gift cards. It's very easy to sell for naira. After you sign up, your credit card details will be attached to your account, from which payment can be made.

Your dashboard

Okay, so the hard part is over, what now? Now you will have access to your own dashboard from which you can sell as many gift cards as you like. You will also have a full list of all the exchanges and transactions that have been made. This will help you to track and observe which customers are more likely to buy from you. With this in mind, you can offer the most popular gift cards over and over, and have a higher chance of success at selling them.


If you have any further questions about gift card selling in Nigeria, feel free to ask us on our website. The chat function is available to use 24-7.


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