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Imagine it’s your birthday and you’ve just received a bunch of gift cards.

Great, right?

Well, yes - unless, of course, you don’t actually want to spend anything at the stores connected to those gift cards. Sometimes, you’d much rather have the money.

Well, now, thanks to, you can. The idea is pretty simple: you sell your gift cards to the platform, and then it will pay you instant cash for the privilege. That way, you can buy whatever you want and put the gift to good use.

How does trading gift cards work?

If you’re new to the idea of trading gift cards, it can seem a little unusual. After all, trading in cards for cash is a relatively new concept.

The basic idea goes something like this:

  1. First you set up an account with GCBUYING. This allows us to trade cards with you.
  2. Next, you select the option to sell your cards. In this case, just choose “sell gift card.”
  3. Once you do this, GCBUYING will prompt you to provide bank details. We will use these to send you your money once we verify the transaction. All we need is basic information, such as account number and sort code.
  4. Then just click submit to complete the process.

GCBUYING gift card trading apps

GCBUYING wants to make gift card trading as seamless as possible. You can now trade via both iOS and Android apps. Just enter the value of your gift card and then the app will show you instantly how much money you’ll get in return. If you don’t want to use the apps, you can trade with us via Whatsapp. The process is really simple and you could have money in your bank account in minutes.

The purpose of these apps is to help fulfil GCBUYING’s goal of helping to bring Africa into the modern digital age. For many people, the money sitting on a gift card balance is worth a lot more than the specific things that the card can buy (such as a restaurant meal). And so cashing out of them is super convenient. You’re not locked into using a business you don’t want to use. And you can get money fast for anything that you want.

The cool thing about GCBUYING is that you can use the apps to both buy and sell gift cards. So, in many cases, you can pick up gift cards for less than the going market rate because of excess supply. If many people are trying to sell their gift cards, then the price in naira will go down.

GCBUYING is virtually unique as a platform. The service lets you put your unwanted gift cards to good use.

App features

The app offers a range of features for users. It’s fast and secure, with 100 percent guarantee of fund security. And it offers the best gift card rates - you’ll struggle to find an app that beats it. It also accepts a vast array of cards, more than many other providers. Why not start using it today?


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