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Having a stash of gift cards sitting in your wallet or purse can feel like a missed opportunity. You’d like to enjoy whatever they can buy. But, for whatever reason, the products or services you can access with them just don’t appeal to you.

Furthermore, you often find yourself daydreaming about the other ways you could use the money. So, for instance, you might have a much better use for the $20 locked up in your gift card than downloading tracks off iTunes.

Fortunately, thanks to GCBUYING.COM, there’s a solution. We’ve developed apps for iOS and Android that allow you to convert your regular gift cards into real cash. And because our platform supports so many different types of gift cards, there’s a good chance that you will be able to redeem yours too.

How to trade your gift cards

Trading your gift cards on our apps or website is actually really easy. Start by creating an account (or logging into your existing one), and then add some bank details. Doing this will allow us to send payments to you for all the gift cards that you send in our direction.

Next, sell the gift card that you no longer want. Click the “Sell Gift Card” option and follow the instructions. Once you fill out the form as required, just click submit and then wait for payment to arrive. Payments should get to your bank account immediately after they are authorized, giving you naira to spend straight away. Just click the “withdraw funds'' option to get your money.

The great thing about GCBUYING is that we buy the dollar value of your gift card in local naira, making it easy for you to spend your money. You can trade in gift cards worth hundreds of dollars, raking in enormous amounts of cash you thought was locked up forever.

If you want to trade your gift cards via Whatsapp, you can do that as well. Just send us a message on +234 704 816 1101 and we will guide you through the whole process.

The service is made possible by a small conversion fee. This way, we’re able to keep offering people cash for their gift cards.

Instant cash with GCBUYING

We set up GC BUYING with a simple mission: to provide users like you with an easy way to redeem gift cards for cash, without having to go through the difficult process of trying to find a willing buyer. What’s great about our service is that everyone wins. You get the cash that you want, and somebody else gets a gift card that they can use on Amazon, iTubes, or many other sellers whose cards we redeem.

Once you convert your gift cards, you no longer need to feel disappointed. You can transform your gifts on special occasions into more cash in your bank account for whatever you need the money for.

To get started, go to our website or download our apps from the Apple Store or Play Store.


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