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Apple have recently put into play their ‘universal gift card,’ which can be utilized for purchasing content on all of their digital storefronts, such as Apple Arcade, iTunes, and more.

However, as many people are finding that direct purchases often work out more cheaply and can help them calculate exact pricing rather than having to calculate goods they need to ‘add up’ to a gift card amount, more and more people are seeking to sell on their Apple Universal cards as necessary.

Unfortunately, and here Apple is no exception, gift cards are generally considered non-refundable by most brands. This means that if you’re gifted Apple Universal gift cards this Christmas, or at any other time during the year, unlocking the value of these or trading them in for cash may not seem so easy.

Thankfully, a solution exists. GCBuying is a service that provides a worthwhile gift card sales platform, allowing you to sell gift cards for cash as necessary.

Here are some of the benefits of using such as service:

Accepting all Apple Universal gift cards:

While this Apple Universal gift card functionality was first rolled out in the United States, it has since been developed for worldwide use and is coming to more countries as we speak. As such, no matter what denomination of currency you use, GCBuying is here to give you favorable rates, more competitive than any other brand.

For this reason, you can easily engage in a trade, using a worthwhile rates calculator, without once worrying about eligibility.

Get the best from your iPhone:

It might be that purchasing a full album from a storefront like iTunes can be worthwhile, but selling your gift card and subscribing to a service like Spotify could give you the exact same provision but for cheaper.

When you sell gift cards you are no longer locked into a store and can use your iPhone exactly how you like. This way, you can also get into the habit of only purchasing what you need instead of trying to add up your spending to the price of a gift card value.

Immediate gift card trades for cash

By using GCBuying’s competent 24/7 support service as well as engaging in a trade using the App Store app or even Whatsapp for added convenience, you can calculate a gift card trade and receive compensation within a matter of moments.

This kind of instant trade can help you immediately begin spending while unlocking the value of your gifted card as necessary. That way, you need not be deprived from the value of your gift card for long. Just apply using the relevant means, wait for the immediate processing, and enjoy your converted cash right here and now.


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