Selling Bitcoin In Nigeria: A Beginner's Guide

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If you have some Bitcoin that you would like to sell in Nigeria, the good news is that it’s relatively easy to do so. In fact, these days, it’s much like selling Bitcoin or other crypto anywhere else in the world. In this post, we’ll take you through the essentials of how to sell Bitcoin in Nigeria, so you can start making some extra money on the side.

Sign Up

First of all, you’ll want to sign up to a platform where you can buy and sell crypto and other assets. For that, it’s worth checking out, where you can set up an account today easily and in a few minutes. From there, you will then be in a position to start trading your crypto, including any Bitcoin you may have.

Sell Your Bitcoin

Now that you have that account in place, you can start selling your Bitcoin. Regardless of how much you have to sell, you’ll be sure to find someone to buy it, and the platform is such that you can do it at any time.

Make sure that you only sell the amount you want to. And if you want to make the best price possible, you should try to time the market as best as you can. That is going to help you make a decent profit.

If you persist and you do it right, you might find that selling Bitcoin becomes a tidy side profit. So that is something you can try.


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