Top 4 Apps for Selling Gift Cards

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Today, there are millions of apps and online platforms to sell gift cards. In addition, these apps and platforms have become very reliable and secure with time.

However, here are some that can be problematic and very difficult to use. So, before deciding on the best apps for selling gift cards, it is good to do some research and get reviews from previous customers.

If you want to sell gift some cards for the festive season or express your best intentions with loved ones, here’s a detailed list of some of the top apps to use.

GC Buying

Selling your gift cards here is as easy as creating an account and signing in to their app. If you do not like any of that, they also have a contact on their website for you to send a shootout message.

The steps are pretty straightforward to follow to sell your gift cards on their app.

Step 1

Initiate your gift card exchange trade

Step 2

Wait for the trade to process.

Do not worry about questions you might be having when trading. They have a customer service you can chat with and get the necessary assistance.

QU Change

It doesn’t matter the kind of gift card you would like to trade. This app has some of the best offers for its users.

It also has 24-hour customer service to tackle your queries at any time. Even better, they have a chat via WhatsApp option for users that allows you to speak to their customer service quickly, in a way you are most comfortable.


Do you have any gift cards you don't feel like you need any more? Well, this is the app to sell and have them exchanged for bitcoins instantly.

If it's your first time and you are wondering where to start with this app, they have a responsive support just waiting for you. The other advantage is that they have various programs that will help you grow the more you use the app.

For example, a Paxful rewards program allows you to become a community leader and grow your Paxful network.


Coincola is one of the fastest and reliable ways you can trade your gift cards. On top of that, they have competitive exchange rates and fees.

This global cryptocurrency trading and exchange marketplace aims to provide its clients with a trustworthy trading experience. Also, they strive to improve their technology continuously.


Whether it's an extra pack of cards you got, or a few you made yourself, there is no need to leave them to go to waste.

While selling, remember that they might not all go at once. Maintain control over your listing but stay reasonable. You can also adjust your prices occasionally to attract more buyers.

Above all, do not forget to read the terms and conditions of any app you decide to use for GC buying and selling. Having this knowledge is essential and will help you know what you are getting in.


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