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As nice as it is for a loved one or friend to offer us a gift card, no matter if this is for a birthday or special event, they can be quite limiting in scope. It might be that there’s nothing in that particular store or chain we like, or perhaps there are few stores in proximity to us in the first place.

While some gift cards can be used online, it’s not always the most valuable deal to do so. This is because rarely does our checkout total the exact amount given to us on the card. As such, it can be that a few dollars are left over on the card with no products we really wish for to spend with. In some cases, retailers outright refuse to use this leftover balance on top of our own expenditure to pay in full for a purchase.

Regardless of your reasons, wishing for an alternative to the standard set of gift card limitations is common.

This is why GCBuying have decided to streamline the entire process by helping you instantly trade in your gift cards for cash. Using our easy app you can find on both the App Store or Google Play Store, scanning your card and its identifying number is portable, easy, and can provide immediate reimbursement.

How does the process work?

With our handy three-step process, the act of trading in your gift card is so easy and portable, it can be completed within no time at all.

Let’s consider how the process works:

1. Download our app and initiate the trade

starting the trade is as simple as signing up for our platform or simply sending us a free message via WhatsApp. This is 100% confidential and can be completed no matter where you are.

2. Wait for our quick processing systems to run

after you’ve submitted the details about the card in question we’ll make sure to perform our processing and security checks to protect both sides of the transaction. You can always ask questions to us or talk to our live support agents at any time during this process.

3. Accept our highly competitive rates

when all is processed, we’ll offer a fantastic conversion rate that can help you immediately gain your funds and withdraw them. Our minor fees for processing means that you can recover nearly all of the value provided by the card, allowing you to unlock the value of the gift card for immediate withdrawal.

All gift cards accepted!

If it’s sold through a verified retailer, it’s most likely that we’ll accept your gift card without a second thought. From fashion brands like Sephora to digital services such as Amazon and Google Play gift cards, we make sure that any gift you’ve received can be immediately redeemed and sold to us.

If you’d like to verify further before beginning the trade, or if you have any questions at all, we’d warmly recommend you check out our website and about us page. We take our client relationships seriously and offer 100% transparency.

We look forward to trading with you! Now you know the process, why not sell your gift cards today?


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