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Sometimes you receive a gift card as a friend or family but never get round to using it. Instead, it sits in your wallet or purse, collecting dust. Often, you don't want what it can buy,

The good news is that there is now a site to trade gift cards in Nigeria called GC Buying, where you can trade gift cards for real cash instantly.

Wow - that's better.

How GC Buying Works

The way GC Buying works is incredibly straightforward. You create an account on the website and then provide it with the details of your gift cards. Then once you've listed your items, you can sell gift cards in Nigeria immediately for cash.

The platform allows you to sell all kinds of gift cards, including those for Amazon, Google Play and iTunes. GC Buying accepts all cards and is equipped to exchange any type of gift card for cash.

Why Choose GC Buying?

So what makes GC Buying the best site to trade gift cards?

● Round-the-clock service: GC Buying allows you to convert your gift card into naira any time of the day or night.

● High quality: GC Buying is one of the highest-quality gift card buying services in Nigeria. It takes the convenience of its services very seriously.

● Rapid payouts: Once you sell your gift cards, you can expect payment to your bank account in a matter of minutes.

● Buy and sell gift cards all in one place: Get great prices and massive discounts on all your favourite cards.


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Create an Account or Trade through Telegram

Selling your gift cards with GCBUYING is easy. Simply download our app or shoot us a message on Telegram at @Gcbuying

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