Where Can I Sell My JCPenney Gift Card?

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Are you trying to sell your JCPenney gift card? Sometimes you receive a well-intentioned gift card you know you won’t use. It’s better for the individual that gifted it, and you, if you can exchange it for its financial equivalent.

At GC Buying, we purchase your JCPenney gift card for cash. Read on to find out more and sell your JCPenney gift card with our expert trading team today.

How Do I Sell My JCPenney Gift Card?

Simply set up a GC Buying account and update your bank account information, so we know where to send payment to. You can then click on ‘Sell Gift Card’ and fill out the form to sell your JCPenney gift card. Once you have submitted this, it will be sent to the GC Buying team for speedy processing. Don’t want to set up an account? Simply trade through What’s App on +234 704 816 1101.

How Do I Receive The Money?

Your request will be immediately processed and the money will become available in your dashboard. When you are ready, simply click ‘Withdraw Money’, and the money will be credited to your bank account. Alternatively, our WhatsApp team will ensure that your traded gift card reaches your bank account successfully so you can sell your JCPenney gift card.

Does GC Buying Only Let Me Sell JCPenney Gift Cards? GC Buying accepts a huge range of gift cards, including iTunes, Amazon, eBay, Sephora, Google Play, WalMart, and more. Simply submit a form on your GC Buying account or ask our What’s App team for more information.


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