Where to Sell Bitcoin in Nigeria?

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Before you can think about how to sell your Bitcoin, you need to pick a good platform. Choosing a good platform to trade Bitcoin is not just a matter of what you like. Instead, think about some things that will help you trade without any problems.

Things To Think About When Choosing A Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

  • Crypto Availability: There's nothing worse than finding a cryptocurrency exchange platform and signing up for it, only to find that they don't have the cryptocurrency you want to sell. Bitcoin is the most popular digital currency, so most platforms always have it for you to use. Always do your research ahead of time to make sure the digital currencies you want to trade are available on the platform.
  • Fees: Some exchange platforms charge fees for certain types of transactions. Fees like deposit and withdrawal fees, among others. Transaction fees vary by platform, and some don't charge any at all. Some even say they don't charge any fees, but you find out later that they do charge some hidden fees.
  • Limits: Some crypto exchange apps have different fees, and some also have different limits. Limits like how much you can deposit, how much you can withdraw, and so on. The deposit limit tells you how much you can put into your app account to make a transaction. While the withdrawal limit limits how many times you can take money out of your external or personal bank account or how much you can take out. There are many different kinds of withdrawal limits. There are different limits on how much you can take out each day, each month, or even each year.
  • When choosing a trading platform, you should think about how safe it is. The most important thing is to make sure your money is safe, and you need to choose an app that will do that.
  • Customer Service: It's also important to have customer service available 24/7. There needs to be a representative on hand who can help you and answer your questions at any time. Multiple contact options are also crucial. Live chat, email, social media, phone calls, etc. are all common ways to get in touch.

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