Where To Sell Gift Cards Online Instantly?

Where To Sell Gift Cards Online Instantly

Receiving gift cards from friends and family is usually a positive experience. All of a sudden, you have more money to spend on doing something fun, like going to the movies or buying new clothes.

Unfortunately, though, you sometimes get gift cards that you don’t actually want. Perhaps somebody gave you one for a popular peri-peri chicken restaurant but you’re vegan. Or maybe you got a card to go and see a movie but you hate sitting through films.

Here’s the good news: you don’t have to put up with it. Thanks to Gcbuying, you can now sell gift cards online instantly for cash. How cool is that?

Selling your gift cards for instant cash

When you think about it, gift cards are a type of money. However, unlike regular notes and coins, you can use them anywhere. You can only spend gift cards with specific outlets.

There are some gift cards, like Amazon’s, that give you access to a wide variety of goods and services. But you’re still limited to spending on a single platform.

Gcbuying gives power back to you. We make it incredibly easy and fast to sell gift cards for cash. You don’t get the face value of the gift card, but you will get a sum of money close to it.

So how do you actually sell your gift card for cash instantly? Well, it’s surprisingly easy.

First, sign up to our platform or send us a WhatsApp message to +234 704 816 1101 to ask if you trade in your particular gift card.

If we do, then you can start the trade process immediately. Just give us the details of your gift card and then we will do all the background work for you.

Once we know more about your gift card, we’ll offer you a competitive rate, based on what we think it’s worth to the average buyer. Our rates are the best in the industry.

Gift card exchange

If you’re not hankering after cash, you can also exchange your gift card for another one. For instance, if you’re not keen on Amazon but love spending money on iTunes, then you can make a quick trade, getting almost all of the face value of your original gift card in return.

Sell your gift card now

If you’re not sure about how any of our services work, then there are plenty of video explainers on our website. These walk you through what you need to do to get cash for your gift card instantly.

It’s so simple: contact us, place your order, wait, and then get a payment offer. Remember, if you’re not happy with what we offer, you’re under no obligation to take the payment.

If you want to find out more about how much you’re likely to get for your gift card, then you can use our rate calculator. This shows you the value of the card, plus what you’ll get when you trade it in with us.

Get started today and receive cash fast.


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