How Do You Redeem an Amazon Gift Card?

How Do You Redeem an Amazon Gift Card?

If you have been given an amazon gift card and you are not sure how to use it or where to redeem it, take a look at the article below. This will give you all the information you need to know when it comes to redeeming your amazon gift card.

What Is an Amazon Gift Card?

An amazon gift card is just like any other gift card. You can buy it and top it up or you may have been given it as a gift. This will have a set amount on it that you can spend on the amazon website or app. There may be something that has been stuck in your basket for some time, now is your chance to buy it.

Redeeming An Amazon Gift Card

In order to redeem your amazon gift card, you will have to first process it in your amazon account. This doesn’t take long and it isn’t a tricky thing to do. You can use both your mobile device and your desktop or tablet to do this. When you redeem your amazon gift card online, your funds will be added to your balance if you are not ready to buy anything just let.

Using Your Gift Card

When the time comes to use your amazon gift card, you can do one of two things. You can use the amount saved on your balance from previous gift cards. Alternatively, you can put in your gift card code when you are at the checkout.